IT Services

We have developed several in-house solutions which enable us to roll out comprehensive products to our clients, allowing them to be up and running with a high-quality product in a very short period of time. All solutions are also designed around giving you control. In fact, each application has its own Administration section where you are enabled to control aspects of the product yourself, without requiring IT support on day-to-day aspects.

A broad and inclusive service category managed IT is often part of an MSP (managed service provider) that addresses single or multi-service IT service needs. Most commonly, managed IT services handle the remote management of servers, workstations, and devices.

Web Development

All portal development services include consulting, branding and design, web and mobile development, integration, data analysis, testing, maintenance Confidentiality, ongoing support, and development.

Office 365/ Email

Office 365 works as an all-inclusive Microsoft software package that includes programs like Word and Excel. This is a great option for businesses that need a variety of software to organize documents, but want to pay a monthly fee. Also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Office 365 also acts as a cloud server and an up-to-date email management platform. Office 365 is suitable for a business that relies on email to communicate with the needs of the organization.

Data Analytics

Services that combine the act of analyzing and digesting data for business use, data analytics often involve concepts like “big data” and IoT (Internet of Things). Involved professionals and information processing departments for a business to generate actionable reports. These reports use whatever benefits the business.

Business Intelligence

Big data plays an enormous role in business success. The downpour of information available to a given company is tremendous and how it’s acquired depends on the tool used. Services that encompass business intelligence analyze, extract, and transform this flood of info into meaningful reports. Anything from financial costs to click-through rates on an article at a certain time of day fall under the umbrella of modern business intelligence.