Jesus: Simon…do you love (agape) me more than this type of [seafood?

Jesus: Simon…do you love (agape) me more than this type of [seafood?

Immediately after are increased regarding lifeless, Goodness found Peter. This is basically the short version of what they considered for every other:

]. Peter: Yes, Lord; you are aware that i love (phileo) your. Jesus: Simon…would you…like (agape) me personally? Peter: Sure, Lord, you are sure that that we love (phileo) your. Jesus: Simon…do you love (phileo) me personally? Peter: [Grieved] “Lord…you realize which i love (phileo) you.”

Inside analogy, you can clearly observe utilizing the simple keyword “love” provides blurry the true greater concept of their discussion.

Why performed Goodness fool around with agape and you may Peter play with phileo? God try inquiring Peter in the event that he liked him into love regarding Jesus, a love which can require lose. Whatsoever, God got only been through terrible torture to possess Peter’s sake (and you may ours), anything the guy didn’t must do but did in any event as regarding their agape love.

Conversely, Peter prevented it is possible to torture because of the denying God. God double requested Peter, “Could you agape myself? That’s, are you willing to carry out acts for my benefit you do not want to perform?

Peter, likewise, however experienced the brand new pain of experiencing rejected God, and you can is hopeful one to the friendship was unchanged. In his mind’s eye, he might was indeed questioning in the event that Goodness stored Peter’s denial up against him. Do he however dump Peter once the a near affiliate and you may companion? Peter wasn’t yes where the guy endured having God, thus he had been seeking to help God know that he had been however a real friend, together with phileo fascination with Goodness.

The 3rd date Jesus spoke to Peter, he came to Peter’s top and you will asked in the event that Peter was in fact actually a real buddy (phileo), hence grieved Peter. However, it was crucial, because Jesus understood just what Peter don’t see, you to definitely God carry out go on the paradise making Peter together with most other disciples to carry out his work on earth, which may want that they all be his good friends and you may create their may also if it intended adversity.


The newest Greek word to possess personal, intimate love or intimate love is eros; so we get English terms including “erotic.” Whenever eros was used because a real noun, they referred to the Greek god of love. The newest Greek word eros doesn’t come in the fresh biblical text, therefore we doesn’t waste time involved on this page, nonetheless it has received including an impact on English and you can our very own view of sexual like that it’s important to discuss.

Eros love is the version of like popular by United states holiday also known as Romantic days celebration. Eros love try an invaluable parts ranging from men and you can a lady which leads so you can an effective holy partnership from relationship, further procreation as well as the development from strong no matter what bonds out-of fuel and you may believe.


The next Greek keyword we must learn is storge, which is the like and you may love that however happens anywhere between moms and dads and children, can can be found anywhere between siblings, and can be obtained anywhere between husbands and spouses within the an effective relationship. It happens from inside the Romans from the term, philostorgos, that is a compound keyword comprised of philos (the brand new noun kind of phileo) and you may storge.

Romans is a very important verse, leading us to end up being very loving and type to each other. Romans (Lengthened interpretation) “Regarding the brotherly like, legit mature women sites help around become strong relationship and friends-affection towards one another.”


If one is going to has a wonderful Godly lifetime, obedient on sound regarding God and also steeped fellowship having almost every other Christians and people who is near to Jesus, they will need to take action a myriad of like.

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