The friendship expanded significantly concise where Kija have a tendency to openly guard Hak that’s defensive more your also

The friendship expanded significantly concise where Kija have a tendency to openly guard Hak that’s defensive more your also

Hak variations a rivalry that have Kija after the latter asks your to exit Yona’s front side claiming he had been no further necessary. [15] His contempt to your Kija actually becomes more complicated when Yona requires Kija to guard him. [16] Next, the guy phone calls your “Light Serpent” [17] and always utilizes his entomophobia (anxiety about pests). Despite its rocky matchmaking, Hak takes into account Kija’s ability to become invigorating because there is actually zero individual that battled such as for instance him from the castle. [18] They could endeavor close to both well even after maybe not 1st delivering collectively, because they express the typical aim of protecting Yona.

Later on, its rivalry seems to have primarily faded and seem to esteem both because relatives, regardless of if they still an effective-nature bicker from time to time. Kija appears to think Hak an enthusiastic honorary brother, as he requires Hak to-name your “Big brother”–a deal one to Hak punctually refuses, although replace however prompts an interior monologue on how thankful Hak is for Kija and the someone else to have him or her when you look at the their and you can Yona’s lifetime.

For example, Kija, as well as Jae-Ha, was required to kept Hak back from attacking and most likely destroying Soo-Claimed for the section 91 and later inside the part 122 the guy and Jae-Ha openly defended your when he try threatened of the Sky Standard Han Joo-Doh as he caused it to be identified you to definitely Hak should pay money for what the guy did when trying to help you eliminate Soo-Claimed. And, since the tale continues on Kija some supporting out of Yona and you can Hak’s blooming relationship, despite their own close emotions toward Yona and has now managed to make it known that he would not have between the two. Which choice is likely because from inside the section 125 the guy, Jae-Ha and Yoon had been aware of Yona’s earlier in the day affection to own Soo-Acquired, that is the reason Hak never ever pursued any romantic relationship with her.

Shin-Ah [ ]

Though they don’t display many affairs, Hak takes into account Shin-Ah a competent individual. [19] He together with believes you to definitely provided Shin-Ah wears his hide, nobody can approach Yona easily. While in demand for choice clothes to hide his name, Hak takes Shin-Ah’s fur and you can leaves it over his head. [20] Hak has not given Shin-Ah a nickname, on account of Shin-ah’s milder personal visibility and you may nervousness. After, it produce some intimate, have a tendency to being trained that have relaxed chats together with her. The relationship first started way more stronger is when Shin-Ah is easily capable tell you to Hak was upset following the a misconception anywhere between him and you can Yona.

Jae-Ha [ ]

Much like his experience of Kija, Hak bullies Jae-Ha at each and every it is possible to moment and you may smacks your as he flirts that have Yona which therefore cannot understand or keep in mind that he or she is flirting this lady. In their earliest activities, Hak located your to be extremely chatty and you will piqued their desire on account of their obsession into the liberty. [21] Hak as well as quickly deemed your an effective pervert, whenever Jae-Ha’s attempts to rating him to become listed on Gi-Gan’s pirate staff was basically not surprisingly mistaken for started-ons. When Jae-Ha are revealed becoming the fresh new Ryokuryuu, Hak feel begrudging allies having him, and you may Jae-Ha instantaneously takes so you’re able to flirting Hak relentlessly throughout the his obvious affections to own Yona. [22] [23] No matter what 1st distaste, he considers Jae-Ha to get a good fighter and also admits which is actually inconvenient if the he isn’t to and when there clearly was a battle. Hak feels comfortable revealing their responsibilities which have your. [24] Hak is the just individual Jae-Ha does not utilize the “-kun” honorific to possess inside Happy Hungry Stack, suggesting he considers Hak their equal within the readiness. But periodically he’d tend to tease your having enjoyable in which Hak manage hit him in which Jae-Ha wants due your are masochist.

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